“The Marauders” — The BBC Television Series

So my friend linked me to this group of screencaps of the IMDB for a TV show called The Marauders, based around the story of the four original creators of the Marauder’s Map and their loves and rivalries at Hogwarts. Essentially, it’s a prequel to the Harry Potter series.

According to the first screencap here, it started in 2012 and has been running for 12 episodes to date, and shows some of the brilliant dialogue between James Potter and Lily Evans and other great things, too. HARRY POTTER FANS REJOICE.



Seriously, I was like… jumping up and down in my chair and kind of hyperventilating and so excited, and then I immediately went to Google to look up information on this show and read the synopsis and maybe even find an online source so I could stream it.

And I was shouting and CAPSLOCK “shouting” on facebook and extolling the brilliance of JK Rowling — you know, the works. Everything. In my mind, honestly, I was already plotting out my next opportunity to use my Slytherin cosplay again and everything.

You get the drift. It didn’t take very long for my brain to go spinning in wild directions.

[See the rest of the screencaps here.]

You see, I think the only literature that makes me fangirl more than Harry Potter is a book by Gail Carson Levine, but my goodness, I believed they were bringing back a franchise that had ended. I was beyond words with excitement.

I was also a bit angry at myself, because I was thinking, “HOW ON EARTH DID I MISS THIS? HOW CAN I EVEN DARE TO CALL MYSELF A FAN?”

But that was all for naught. Because whaddya know?

Turns out it’s a hoax.
It’s a scam.

A scam, designed to tug at the heartstrings of those of us who were absolutely in love with the Marauders and so eager to see a teenaged representation of them, and more importantly, of those of us who were so relieved to see that the Harry Potter legacy would not die, that JK Rowling was continuing to give us more enjoyment beyond just Pottermore.

So cruel. And who is especially cruel? The girl who posted that link to me on facebook. Because yeah, she saw me freak out. She saw me fangirling. And she waited TWO WHOLE MINUTES after I finished fangirling before she revealed that it was a hoax.

Not that I even saw it right away; I was busy using my research skills to try and find out more info about this amazing fake TV series, so I didn’t even check facebook right away.

Instant heartbreak. 😥

Seriously. It was like… a tremendous high and a heart-shattering low all squished into the space of about five minutes. It was as though I was reading the scene where Snape died all over again. I just didn’t want to believe it (both for Snape and for the fact that it’s a hoax).

Such cruelty! Such cold-heartedness!

What kind of person works this hard to troll superfans like me, anyway? They’re like the people who make viruses — just out there to make other people be sad with disappointment.

It’s been 20 minutes and my heart is still beating feverishly. 😦

I hate you today, S. RAWR @ you.

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  • Comments (14)
    • ksadya
    • August 5th, 2013

    I just did the same thing accept I almost awoke my entire family to tell them. Then I saw your post and just like you heart broken.

    • M.
    • November 6th, 2013

    Shit… I was fangirling so hard about Andrew Garfield and Ben Barnes…

    I hope that one day, they’ll come to this idea…

      • Kekechu
      • May 1st, 2014

      I was crying tears of a broken fangirl…

    • E
    • January 1st, 2014

    Why can’t this be real, they should make it real, ughhhh I’m so defeated now after fangirling so hard.

  1. The Marauders may not be real but The Tale of the Three Brothers is! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLfSSfUTT0c

      • AngelaofTC
      • April 9th, 2014

      Amazing! Thank you for sharing this news with us. I’m going to tell everyone I know.

  2. The first time that I see your blog I don´t finish read, when I saw the photo , I start to cry and jump, and now, 1 week later, I get into your blog to see if there was some information about the serie and when I finished reading… One week seaching something that don´t exist. My heart is more than broken

  3. I have only just found out about this and I was doing the same thing as you and now I think I am dead.

  4. How can the world be so evil?????

  5. Why would someone do something like this? It’s so evil!!!! I hate it when someone does something like this.

    • Marauder lover (Grace)
    • March 31st, 2016

    My life goal is to create a tv show of the marauders era ❤ ❤

    • Lucy
    • June 25th, 2016


    • JE
    • October 16th, 2016

    I do have better news for you, and no scam.
    There will be a real prequel to the Harry Potter series. It’s the true story of Lily Evans. Eight parts, (pre-school…her death) first one counts 192 pages. Not advisable for people suffering from depression…

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